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Indo Western Suits for Mens FAQ

Is indo-western in trend? Yes, indo-western is quite popular these days. People opt for indo-western to add variety to their collection and instantly uplift their look. These indo-western dresses are so much in the trend these days. You can choose the best option from our catalog at any time. Does indo-western go perfectly for men? Of course, indo western suits for men’s style seem perfect nowadays. When you are confused about how to bring style to your overall look, you can instantly add indo western to your wishlist. We have endless options available for men, looking for amazing dresses to enhance their looks. What shoes will go with indo western? Pairing your indo western dress with a perfect pair of jutis or mojari will do the job for you. You can immediately enhance your look with mojaris.

At My Perfect Fit each custom order is hand-made from scratch. That is what makes our custom orders unique. There might be some variation if patterned fabrics, borders, etc that need to be sourced. We always try our best to get as close to original details as possible. Ordering pieces with this type of special hand touch causes factors noted above to be out of our control, but makes each piece unique. None of our styles are factory made.

There are variety of fabrics that can be used to make an indowerstern. It depends on how grand you want your indo western to look or how heavy. Fabrics like pure raw silk, brocade, jacquard, cotton silk, banarasi silk, art silk, chanderi, jute, dupion silk etc. can be used to make an indo western. Each fabric choice is made based on your preference and comfort. Choosing slimmer fits and stiff fabrics is what will give you that polished look.

The main difference between indowestern and sherwani is its length. The length of an indowestern should be above the knee and the length of a sherwani should be with knee length of below the knee depending on your height. Apart from this sherwanis are usually worn strictly as wedding wear. Whereas, indowestern can be worn both as wedding wear and as festive wear.

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